Whether you manage a mail center or ship packages, Neopost’s Enhanced Mailing & Shipping (EMS) technology enables you to mail and ship packages quickly, efficiently and economically.

Neopost EMS powerful analytics offer many tools to manage cost and build customer relationships. This technology can analyze your company’s mail and shipping operations and pinpoint incorrect addresses, lost packages and identify where money is being wasted. The address correction feature eliminates many of the problems that lead to returned and misdirected deliveries, delayed deliveries and address correction fees. Additionally, Neopost EMS helps you manage and allocate costs by account, carrier, special service and operator productivity.

EMS Key Features
  • Shape Up Advisor analyzes mail center operations and identifies where money can be saved.
  • Advisor™ reports help analyze your company’s shipping operations
  • PAR™ program reports a package’s route and delivery status by accessing the Internet
  • What if Report provides analysis of actual usage by carrier

Neopost EMS provides support for complete company identities, allowing the shipper to process for multiple divisions, clients or customers. This powerful feature creates a separate return address and discrete billing based on carrier account numbers, which saves accounting time and increases accuracy. It is indispensable for separate entity support to third-party logistics providers (3PL).

DBI is an integration tool that allows users to map and exchange data between fields of OBDC-compliant databases and the Neopost EMS database. This enhanced feature allows faster processing while virtually eliminating error-prone, illegible, handwritten information.