Multi-Media Power, Breathtaking Color and Groundbreaking 5-Color Production

The HD-CX Series from Neopost: two versatile, easy-to-use, graphics-oriented print devices, designed and priced for in-house applications, and built on a true multimedia production platform.

Stunning results at breathtaking speed

  • Multimedia: When it comes to variety, size and thickness of media, the HD-CX Series greatly extends the Neopost range of media support. Both models easily handle 360-gsm extra-thick card stock, 14-point polyester, magnetic media, transparency films and much more—in sizes ranging from 3″ x 5″ index cards to 13″ x 52″ banners.
  • Production: HD-CX Series devices have affordable digital short-run capabilities. Produce striking comps, one-offs and reprints at up to 50 ppm. And the HD-CX1700 has the added flexibility of being able to apply white text and graphics to dark media, and to place clear toner selectively on a design, with eye-catching results.
  • Platform: These devices represent a new design driven by an aggressive goal—to create rugged, affordable and flexible printers aligned with the direction of today’s print production marketplace. They feature short-run capacities and fast print speed, and deliver stunning output across the widest range of media. Add the optional mColor RIP & Workflow software and get formidable, professional devices with enhanced color management and simplified workflows.

Including the industry’s only 5-color LED device

The HD-CX Series lets you extend your in-house printing and presentation capabilities from the expected to the extraordinary. These affordable printing devices, with their ease of use and low total cost of ownership, enable you to produce stunning documents, offer new services, be competitive, and grow your business. It is also perfect for the Advertising, Graphic Arts and Design department, company or school—with their greater sensitivity to color—this device is perfect. With the optional mColor RIP & Workflow software, creative- and production-oriented users alike will love the color consistency and accuracy required for their projects and short-run print jobs. And keepers of the budget will be thrilled with such low costs per page, especially at higher volumes.

  • HD-CX1600 – for efficiency-minded, budget-conscious office users and departments with a need for excellent color—such as Marketing and Corporate Communications—this is the ideal printer. Stunning results at breathtaking speed. Simple operation, with auto duplex and network standard. Plus all the media flexibility offered across the HD-CX Series platform.
  • HD-CX1700 – all of the above, plus the extraordinary capability of applying white or clear gloss toner in addition to CMYK. Here is the cutting-edge, multimedia production platform that creative, opportunity-seeking Design Firms, Specialty Print Shops, even large Retailers have been dreaming of: a fast, flexible, affordable, easy-to-use 5-station device.