High-Performance Digital In-line Metering System

In today’s production mail environment you need a reliable, in-line digital mailing system that increases efficiency and reduces down time. Neopost brings you the IJ15K, a digital mailing solution designed to meet the non-stop demands of production mail centers.

  • The durable IJ15K combines the latest metering technologies and state-of-the-art serviceability to offer the ideal solution for your production mailing requirements faster and more professional than ever
  • Short paper path and automatic thickness adjustment handles mail pieces up to 5/8″. This ensures continuous processing, while minimizing paper jams and postage waste
  • Freestanding, “status light tower” allows you to monitor system status and can be placed anywhere in the mail center
  • Easy-to-change, large volume ink reservoir is replaceable without interruption
  • SmartClean technology will save time as the system automatically cleans the print heads
  • The IJ15K prints a USPS compliant IBI Lite indicia that costs a fraction of a traditional IBI indicia, and can print at full speed for both letterbox and presorted mail
  • The IJ15K handles single or mixed-weight mail automatically without losing processing speed. One meter can set up to three different postage values, increasing output while saving time and money
  • The IJ15K makes it easy to monitor postage for jobs and clients. You’ll quickly see the benefits from expenditure tracking of up to 500 accounts or by generating specialized batch reports to record or print volume and postage values
  • The IJ15K connects easily to your production folder/inserter, either mechanically or electronically. Its seamless electronic communication ensures efficient, mixed-weight processing and instant reaction to any stoppage or system shutdown