The New Choice in High Volume Mailing Systems

The IS-6000 sets a new standard for mailing system productivity, operability and efficiency. Neopost observed high volume mailing machine operators and listened to production mail center customers to design the next generation mailing system. The IS-6000 delivers simple, ergonomic operations; investment protection and cost savings; reliable production, and maximum up-time. Coupled with the new internet-connected Neopost iMeter™ postage meter and powerful Apps to manage your business, it is clear that the IS-6000 is your new choice in high volume mailing systems.

The New Choice That Offers Simple, Ergonomic Operations

The IS-6000 was designed with the operator in mind. At a first glance, you will notice all mailing operations are controlled from the same area, creating an ideal ergonomic workspace. The modular and flexible design of this system allows operators to adjust and place components within an arm’s reach, minimizing the range of motion, providing optimal workflow and comfort.

  • The height adjustable 15″ touch screen moves backward and forward, swivels left and right, and moves up and down, providing a comfortable working environment for all of the operators using this system.
  • All screens display large descriptive buttons and prompts, making navigation a breeze. Cool shades of blue minimize eye strain and fatigue. Operators can create rate shortcuts, rate favorites, and customized menu keys, all on the home screen, which help increase operational efficiency.
  • The added comfort of a full keyboard makes account or department set up/usage, and custom text messaging on the envelope easy. Processing mail utilizing E-Services is done with ease.
  • A dedicated workspace under the screen provides an additional area for sorting and preparing mail.

The New Choice That Delivers Reliable Production and Maximum Uptime

Let’s face it. Business today isn’t what it was yesterday. Meeting the demands of your mail processing center can be tough. Whether you are adhering to time critical deadlines or changes in your daily routine, the bottom line is the work must get done. You need a durable and reliable workhorse that is going to deliver. With an overall weight of more than 200 lbs., the IS-6000 is always ready for the challenge. Combining best in class ergonomics with a finely engineered machine, the IS-6000 has what it takes to maximize throughput including:

  • High Capacity Envelope Feeder with reload on the fly capability. With a stacking capacity of more than 7″, and the ability to add additional items as the machine is running, operators will decrease the number of machine starts and stops, leading to increased productivity.
  • True Mixed Mail Feeding saves time preparing your mail for processing. No more manual sorting, the IS-6000 can handle varying size items up to .8″ thickness. Postcards are also handled with ease.
  • Three Speed Choices up to 210, 260, 300 lpm to tackle the demands of large corporate and production mailing operations.
  • Dynamic Scale with a patented four-point detection system that rapidly weighs and measures mail in-line and automatically categorizes and rates it in compliance with USPS® regulations.
  • Superior Sealing capabilities for both open and closed flap envelopes.
  • A Power Conveyor Stacker that has a storage capacity ratio in sync with the feeder to drive maximum system performance.

The New Choice That Provides Investment Protection and Cost Savings

In today’s economic environment, watching the bottom line has never been more important. That is why each IS-6000 has been built to meet the specific needs of your business. The advanced modular design allows you to configure a system where you only purchase the components, Apps, and options that you need, eliminating overspending.

New ink and printing technology provide maximum return on your investment. Say good-bye to scheduled print head replacement. Each IS-6000 comes standard with a print head designed to last the life of the mailing system.